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      • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
      • Electronics Design Service
      • Schematic / Circuit Design
      • PCB Layout Service
      • Firmware/Software Development
      • Hardware Design
      • Reverse Engineering
      • Electronics Components Procurements
      • Product Inspection Services
      • Product Packaging and Design
      • Shipping and Logistics Shipping & Logistics: Freight Forwarding Service



PCB Assembly Service
Valiant Electronics  offers PCBA and fully turn-key service for product assembly. We are able to purchase components for our customers.   It must be noted that there are countless electronics components on the market that are not up to standards. We will ensure components are purchased from qualified manufacturers only.

Electronic Design Service
Valiant Electronics is able to design digital and mixed-signal printed circuit boards (PCBs) based on customers’ requirements and specifications and provide our customer with production ready designs. We also can do prototyping, pre-production design verification, certification, test fixture development. Our teams of engineers are ready to discuss further any electronic design projects you might have.
Schematic & Circuit Design Service
Valiant Electronics is a electronics design company for almost all you design needs. Once we review your requirement we are able to select ICs and do the schematics. We also take cost factor in consideration to make sure our customers’ projects are within budget and at the same time save on cost where necessary. We use a variety of softwares that include Protel, Eagle, OrCAD etc. We are also able to develop firmware in C,C++ and Assembly.

PCB Layout Service
PCB layout can be performed manually (using CAD) or in combination with an Auto router software tool. The best method practiced is a combination of both auto route and manual layout. It is critical that components are placed in the correct place since you have to take heat transfer and connector locations into consideration. ??Also critical is the aesthetic appeal of the product. Valiant uses Eagle, Altium DXP/Protel, OrCAD, Spice for PCB layout.

Hardware Design Services
We are able to provide our clients with complete hardware and mechanical design for your new project, modify and improve an existing design. We use several softwares to aid in the hardware design process. Pro/E and Solidworks are mainly used. We are able to select product materials and do analysis before the actual samples are made. Also because of our 3D rendering we are also able to give pictures of how the designs. Customers will be able to give feedback and final decision can be made quickly. This truely helps with improving product lead-time to the market.

Firmware/Software Development
Valiant Electronics is able to develop firmware for hardware device. We use several programming languages eg. C, C++ and Assembly to write codes. We have experience in writing software for all the major Micro Control Units(MCU), and therefore is able to develop hardware firmware far more quickly than our competitors.

Reverse Engineering
Has your company had a design but for some reason or another they lost the design/drawings but only have the hardware? Valiant Electronics can reverse engineer products from the hardware and regenerate the design of that hardware. This service is useful for companies that have old designs or want to move design to another manufacturer but don’t have the designs/drawings available.  We are able to develop working samples and production orders for our customers.

Electronics Component Procurement
We are able to source components for our customers’ electronics components. It is critical that production BOM parts are available on time and have the correct package type. We make sure that components are genuine and all components are available before production to prevent any delays in production. With our experience in supply chain management and logistics we are able to provide a dependable service to our customers. Valiant has a strong procurement team to deal with any query our clients may have about electronic components. Our team is available at anytime to answer any questions you might have about the electronics components sourcing you might have.
Product Packaging and Design
Because Valiant Electronics is a designer and manufacturer we have to be able to offer product packaging and design services for our customers. The product packaging and design is as important as the product itself. How your packaging looks determine how people will perceive the product, hence, good packaging and graphical design are critical to the success of any product. Valiant Electronics is able to work with your marketing, graphic design, sales team to ensure that the packaging is done according to our customer requirements. If you have any questions about product packaging and design, please contact us immediately.

Quality Inspection Service
Valiant Electronics offers quality inspection service for companies buying directly from China but may not have the personnels ?in China to do quality inspection. Because of our experience in China, we know that we cannot depend on the factories alone to guarantee that products are inspected 100%.

Quality inspection is critical for companies that need products coming in to be up to standards before products reach the assembly line of the customer. This ensures that there is no down-time on production line which is the most important part of any supply chain management system.  If you are buying from China, can you ensure that your products are 100% coming from the supplier you purchase from? Are you sure these factories can meet your quality standards? Have you visited their factories? Do you know if a factory exists? These are just a few of the questions that Valiant Electronics will be able to answer to answer for you.

We can also offer factory evaluation, so that you can be sure that you are making the right the decision when buying from a supplier.