Precision metal stamping parts

Valiant Electronics is a precision metal stamping parts manufacturer.   We manufacture metal stamping parts based on our customer’s design and accommodate their special requirements such as the material used, size and different types of finishes.  We are able to manufacture all of our dies in-house which give us the advantage in building high quality dies and in turn achieve consistency in quality.


Precision metal stamping manufacturer and Die making
Die Types Progressive Tooling
Piercing Dies
Trimming Dies
Lancing Dies
Drawing Dies
Offset Dies
Forming Dies
Compound Dies
Metal Stamping
Transfer Dies
Metal Stamping Press Direct Drive Press
Single Gear Reduction Press
Double Gear Reduction Press
Material Stainless Steel
CRS(Cold Rolled Steel)
Metal Stamping Tolerance 0.003″ Inches(0.0762mm))
Stamped Thicknesses 0.005″(0.127mm) to 0.375″(0.9525mm) Recommended
Metal Stamping Depth 3.00″ Inches(76.2mm)
Metal Stamping Diameters 18″ Inches(457.2mm)
Finish Zinc, Anodize, Electro coat, Paint, Powered Coating
precision metal stamping manufacturer Parts
Metal Stamping Process
Metal Stamping Die