Powder Metal Parts

Valiant Electronics is precision Powder Metal Parts Manufacturer.

 Powder Metal Parts Manufacturer
Power Metal Parts Powder metal is compacted in a die under pressure to form metal parts. The metal part is then placed in ovens and sinister with high temperature which bonds the metal particles together to form stronger bonds. A second pressing operation, repressing, can be done prior to sintering to improve the compaction and the material properties. The porosity of the material can be controlled by the amount of compaction.
Materials Material is dependent on customer’s requirements.
Stainless Steels
Low-Alloy Steels
Soft-Magnetic Alloys
Useful for Parts that have irregular curves
No wastage of material
Avoid secondary process machining
Avoiding forging, stamping, casting, and machining processes.
Close Tolerances
Reducing manufacturing steps
Applications Automotive, power tools, hydraulics, agriculture, motors, firearms, recreational equipment, Cams, Ratchets, Sprockets, Pawls, Sintered bronze and Iron Bearings, Carbide Tool Tips, Gears, Ratchets, levers, Clutch Plates, Pressure Plates, Housings, Pole Pieces, Bushings
Tolerance 0.3% of dimension. Please note: with repress, tolerance can be 0.1% of the dimension
Minimum wall Thickness 0.06″(1.5mm)
Minimum Hole Thickness 0.06″(1.5mm)
Design Guidelines: Parts must be designed to allow for easy ejection from the die.
Minimum hole diameter is approximately 0.06″(1.5mm)
Wall thickness Minimum 0.06″(1.5mm)
Threads and Screws must be machines after.
Drafts angle are not desired but if needed a 2-degree minimum is recommended.
Keep the density of the material in mind and the material properties eg. elongation, yield strength, corrosion resistance, and magnetic properties.
Press Sizes 4 to 550 tons
Steps In Manufacturing Powder Metal Parts Steps Mixing
Sintering Temperature Above 2300F. Can achieve 88% to 94% of the Alloy’s theoretical density
Powder Metal Manufacturing