High Density Interconnect (HDI) Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board, Flexible Circuit and PCBA Capability Lists: 

High-Density Interconnect (HDI PCB) Capability list: 

Valiant Electronics key to making a product successful is understanding our manufacturing capabilities.   Capabilities lists are the general specification.   Should you have any questions, please contact us immediately at [email protected]

1) HDI Capability List:

Item 2014 2015~2016 2017~2018
Volume Sample Volume Sample Volume Sample
Layer count 32 42 38 44 42 48
Min Line/space (μm) 50/50 40/45 40/45 40/40 35/40 35/35
Min drill hole diameter (mm) 0.15 0.10 0.15 0.10 0.15 0.10
Aspect ratio of PTH 14:1 16:1 16:1 18:1 18:1 20:1
N+C+N 4+C+4 5+C+5 5+C+5 6+C+6 5+C+5 6+C+6
Any layer interconnection 5+2+5 6+2+6 5+2+5 6+2+6 5+2+5 6+2+6
Plate filling via YES YES YES
Min. core thickness (exclude copper) (μm) 50 40 40 30 40 30
Min. Laser Drill diameter (μm) 75 65 65 50 50 40
Via on buried hole/stacked via YES YES YES
Material FR4, Megtron, Nelco, Rogers, Heavy Copper, etc.
Embedded capacitor PCB YES YES YES
Surface Process Lead-free HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, Flash gold, Gold finger plating,  Selective hard gold plating, Peelable solder mask, Carbon ink


2)  Standard PCB Capability List:

PCB General Capability
Number of Layer 1-28Layer
Maximum processing area 680 x 1000 mm
Min board Thickness 2 Layer – 0.3mm(12mil)
4 Layer – 0.4mm(16mil)
6 Layer – 0.8mm(32mil)
8 Layer – 1.0mm(40mil)
10 Layer – 1.1mm(44mil)
12 Layer – 1.3mm(52mil)
14 Layer – 1.5mm(59mil)
16 Layer – 1.6mm(63mil)
18 Layer – 1.8mm(71mil)
Finished board thickness tolerance Thickness<0.8mm, Tolerance:+/-0.08mm
Twisting and bending ≤0.75% Min 0.5%
Range of TG 130-215℃
Impedance tolerance +/-10%,Min+/-5%
Hi-Pot Test Max4000V/10MA/60S
Surface treatment HASL , With Lead , HASL Free Lead
Flash Gold , Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver , Immersion Tin
Gold Finger , Osp
PCB Cu thickness +plating
Out layer Cu thickness 1-6 OZ
Inner layer Cu thickness 0.5-4 OZ
Cu thickness of PTH average>=20um
HASL with lead Tin 63% Lead37%
HASL free lead surface thickness>=0075um
Thickness in the hole>=5um
Flash Gold Ni thickness:3-5um (120u”-160u”)
Gold thickness:0.025-0.075um (1u”-3u”)
Immersion Gold Ni thickness:3-5um (120u”-160u”)
Gold thickness:0.025-0.15um (1u”-6u”)
Immersion Tin Tin thickness:0.8-1.2um(32u”-48u”)
Immersion silver Ag thickness:0.15um-0.75um (6u”-30u”)
Gold Finger Ni thickness:3-5um(120u”-160u”)
Gold thickness:0.025-1.51um(1u”-60u”)
PCB Pattern limit Capability
Min width 0.1mm (4 mil)
Min trace 0.1mm (4 mil)
Min width of ring (inner layer) 0.15mm (6 mil)
Min width of ring (out layer) 0.1mm (4 mil)
Min solder bridge 0.1mm (4 mil)
Min height of legend 0.7mm (28mil)
Min width of legend 0.15mm (6 mil)
PCB Holes processing Capability
Final hole size Min 0.2mm
Drilling hole size 0.20~6.5mm
Drilling tolerance +/-0.05mm
Final hole size tolerance (PTH) φ0.20~1.60mm+/-0.075mm
φ1.60~6.30mm: +/-0.10mm
Final hole size tolerance (NPTH) φ0.20~1.60mm+/-0.05mm
φ1.60~6.50mm: +/-0.05mm
Drilling strip hole Length /width 2:1
Min strip hole width 0.65mm
Length & width tolerance +/-0.05mm
board thickness/hole size ≤ 10:1
PCB Cover thickness Capability
Solder mask Color green, matte green,yellow,blue,red,black,matte black
Solder mask thickness Surface line≥10um
surface line corner≥6um
surface board 10-25um
Solder mask bridge width: HOZ≥0.1mm IOZ≥0.12mm
Legend Color White, yellow, black
Min height of legend 0.70mm (28mil)
Min width of legend 0.15mm (6 mil)
Blue Gel thickness 0.2-1.5mm
Blue Gel tolerance +/-0.15mm
Carbon print Thickness 5-25um
Carbon print Min space 0.25mm
Carbon print impedance 200Ω



3) Flexible Circuit Board Capability List:


FPC Capability
Layers 1-8 layers
Board Thickness 0.05-0.5mm
Min.line width/space 0.04/0.04mm
in.Through Hole Size 0.2mm
PTH Hole Dia.Tolerance ∮≤0.1mm 0.05mm
∮≥0.1mm ±0.075mm
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance ±0.05mm
Min.Routing Dimension Tolerance ±0.05mm
Hole to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut) ±0.1/±0.2mm
Eege to Edge(Hard tool/Die Cut) ±0.05/±0.2mm
Circuit to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut) ±0.07/±0.2mm
CNC tolerance+/-0.1mm
line to cnc ≥0.20mm
hole to cnc ≥0.30mm
gold finger to cnc ≥0.20mm
Punching Hole size diameter +/-0.10mm
Punching diameter +/-0.15mm
V-CUT corner:30℃、45℃、60℃
corner tolerance:+/-5°
v-cut deepness:0.6-1.6mm
deepness tolerance:+/-0.10mm
Equipment Universal Tester
Flying Probe Open/Short Tester
High power Microscope
Solderability Testing Kit
Peel Strength tester
High Volt Open & Short tester
Cross Section Molding Kit With Polisher



4)   PCBA Capability List:

1)     PCBA, PCB assembly: SMT & PTH & BGA
1.1)  SMD :160K points/hour. operation rate :70%( 8 working hours per day, 20 set equipment)
1.2)  DIP: 75K points/hour. operation rate :80% ( 8 working hours per day, 250 persons for DIP)
2)    PCBA and enclosure design
3)   Components sourcing and purchasing
4)   Quick prototyping
5)   Final assembly:SMD and DIP
6)  Test: AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT)
7)   Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting


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