Flexible PCB Manufacturer – Valiant Electronics

Valiant Electronics is a Flexible PCB Manufacturer.   FPC or Flexible Printed Circuit Boards allows electrical engineers to create circuits that are extremely thin and flexible rather than being rigid and thick.  Flexible PCB was created to replace wire harnesses which
were thicker and more cumbersome to incorporate into desired smaller devices.  Because of their thinness and flex characteristic, they are able to bend and flex millions of time without breaking.   The other advantage of the thinness is how it fits into the miniaturization of thinner device eg. mobile phone and telecommunication devices and medical equipment.   As the demand for smaller devices increased so does the demand for Flexible PCB manufacturers. Flexible PCB Manufacturers became essential to a wide range of industries from consumer electronics, telecommunication, automotive to medical equipment.   As the Flexible PCB industry developed so does the complexity of FPC.  Valiant Electronics has the capability to manufacture multi-layer flexible PCB with numerous finishes.


To ensure the highest standards in quality we able to perform the in-process quality check, use AOI (automatic optical inspection) machines, electrical test to ensure our flexible PCB are manufactured to IPC standards.  We are also able to do shock and thermal cycle test to simulate the environment the Flexible PCB will be used in so as to ensure the safety requirements are met.

Estimated Delivery Time for FPC:
 – Proto-type Mass-production
Single-sided 3 days 10 days
Double-sided 4 days 15 days
Multi-layers 7 days 30 days


Flexible Printed Circuit Board(FPC)
Number Of Layers 1 to 8 Layers
Material Polyimide(Kapton), Polyester(PET)
Min. Trace Thickness 0.003″ Inches(0.0762mm)
Min. Trace Space 0.003″ Inches(0.0762mm)
Minimum Hole Diameter
Conductor Width (W) 0.025 mm
Hole Diameter (H) 0.05 mm (with P.T.H. 0.1mm)
Accumulated Pitch (P) 0.05 mm (Special0.03mm)
Outline Dimension (L) 0.05 mm
Conductors and Outline (C) 0.15 mm (Special 0.07mm)
Conductors and Coverlay 0.3~0.5 mm
Surface Treatment on HASL, Soft Gold, ENIG etc.
Insulation Resistance 1000MW
Dielectric Strength 5KV
Surface Resistance (W) 5×012 2×015
Volume Resistivity (W-cm) 1×015 1×015
Dielectric Constant (1 MHz) 4 3.4
Dissipation Factor (1 MHz) 0.04 0.02
Peeling Strength (180 irection) 1.2kgf/cm 1.2kgf/cm
Solder Heat Resistance 260 ℃/10secs 210 ℃/3secs
Flammability 94 V-0 94VTM-0
Water Absorption 2.90% 1.00%