Valiant Electronics goal is to make all major OEM  electronics components (eg. PCB, plastic parts, metal parts, molds, cables, PCBA) and electronic design services(PCB design & layout, industrial design services) available to our customers from one source.    Our experience in manufacturing electronic components allows us to manufacture products faster and identify future possible problems just by reviewing the product design.   Our expertise allows our customers products to be manufactured  and marketed faster and at an overall reduced cost.

From our experience, we often times see a disconnect between manufacturing and actual product design.  Often times the designer might not know the best current manufacturing practices when a product is being designed.   Valiant Electronics is able to make the connection between best design practices and design for manufacturability(DFM).    Since we are able to make the connection between and design and best manufacturing practices, our customer and us develop long-term partnership, since our manufacturing capabilities are discussed quite often.   

Valiant Electronics is here to keep our customers updated on the most advanced manufacturing processes and technologies so that they can continue to compete in the global economy.