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Let Valiant Electronics be a part of your supply chain today and we will help you improve quality, reduce cost and increase your overall efficiency.  We are committed to continue solving electronics manufacturing most complex problems to ensure our customers continue to receive the highest quality products in the industry.

What we do

We solve some of the most complex problems in the electronics manufacturing industry, it could be solving problems with a color to making millions of products while ensuring consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Products we manufacture


Printed Circuit Board

Number of Layer: 1-28 Layers, Impedance tolerance: +/-10%,Min+/-5%

Material: FR4, Megtron, Nelco, Rogers, Heavy Copper, Shengyi.  

Lead-free HASL, ENIG, OSP, Immersion silver, Immersion tin, Flash gold, Gold finger plating,  Selective hard gold plating, Peelable solder mask, Carbon ink.

Plastic Injection Parts

To truly make high-quality injection parts you will need good injection molding machines, well-designed molds and good operators and technicians.   We use a combination of injection molding machines ranging from Haitian to Sumitomo/Demag injection molding machine to achieve best results.   We judge injection machine by consistency in repeat-ability in producing parts over a long period of time, meaning if the machine is running for 24 hours there should be no change in the quality of parts or the way how the machines behave.  

Silicone Rubber Keypads

Conductive silicone rubber keypads, Waterproofed, Phosphorescent, Laser etching, Matte and glossy coating, Multicolor keys and keypad, Conductive gold and carbon pill.

Metal Stamping Parts

Die type:
Progressive Tooling, Piercing Dies, Trimming Dies, Lancing Dies,Drawing Dies,Offset Dies,
Forming Dies, Compound Dies,

Metal Stamping Transfer Dies

Metal Stamping Press:
Direct Drive Press, Single Gear Reduction
Double Gear Reduction Press

Stainless Steel, Bronze,Brass,  Aluminum, CRS(Cold Rolled Steel)

Diecasting Parts

Diecasting parts are made by high-pressure die casting process. Molten aluminum alloy compressed under pressure in a steel die to produce aluminum and magnesium parts. Diecasting parts are less expensive than steel parts.
Commonly used material:
Aluminum die-cast alloy A 360, Aluminum die-cast alloy A 380, Aluminum die-cast alloy A 383, Aluminum die-cast alloy A 413, Magnesium


Aluminum Extrusion Parts

We manufacture extrusion parts based on customer specification and design. We also do secondary processing on parts that are extruded, eg. threadings, surfase finishing, painting, removing burse etc We are also able to do thermal analysis so as to simulate the performance of the heat sink before manufacturing. This greatly reduce the chances for mistakes.

Custom Wire Harnesses and Cables

We are able to make wire harnesses mainly for the consumer electronics, automotive industry, and telecommunication industry. We also do consumer electronics cable for computers, audio systems, and mobile phones.

Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are  electrical switch for turning a circuit on and off.  They are different from mechanical switch, which are usually made of copper and plastic parts.  Membrane switches are circuit printed on Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or Indium tin oxide (ITO).  These are usually seen on microwaves and other electronics products.  

Powder Metal Parts

Powder metal is compacted in a die under pressure to form metal parts. The metal part is then placed in ovens and sinister with high temperature which bonds the metal particles together to form stronger bonds. A second pressing operation, repressing, can be done prior to sintering to improve the compaction and the material properties. The porosity of the material can be controlled by the amount of compaction.

Service we also offer 

Factory Audits

Auditing and approving a factory before production is one of the best investment you can make when manufacturing products in China.   At Valiant we offer factory auditing service that adhere to ISO 9000 standards for quality management systems. The objective of an audit is to confirm whether a factory can manufacture your products to the standards required and within the time-frame/limit promised.

Product Quality Inspection

It is critical to do product inspection prior to shipping since this will prevent any non-conformity that could damage your brand or your relationship with your customers.  We adhere to ISO AQL standards to ensure we have the correct samples size etc.   We are independent and work in our customer’s interest.  Inspection reports are provided the same day of inspection..

Electronics Design Service

Valiant Electronics is able to design digital and mixed-signal printed circuit boards (PCBs) based on customers’ requirements and specifications and provide our customer with production ready designs. We also can do prototyping, pre-production design verification, certification, test fixture development. Our teams of engineers are ready to discuss further any electronic design projects you might have.

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